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TOPPER boats is the strongest global brand for the school and the club yachts. Horvat Tourism Ltd - is the exclusive representative for the Republic of Croatia.

Class Topper is a world famous small class boats, in the UK is also the most popular small sporting class.

In addition to the classic "Topper", the company has an extremely popular gamma / range boats named TOPAZ from 2.9 m to 4.7 m including small catamarans.

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Omega Topper regatta

18.7.2009. within the famous adventures spots and movies "Vanka Regule" festival, a promotional Topper Omega regatta was held.

On 4 identical Topper Omega sail boats, some of the most successful Croatian sailors participated, lead by Ivanom Kljaković Gašpić called Bambi (finch winner of the bronze medal), whose biggest rival was Main Mišura (a finch also).

Regatta started with a low north-west wind, but after an hour, the wind was blowing so hard that because of the possible damages and flipping over, the regatta wasn’t finished.

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Promo sailing day

On 25th of April, 2009. "PROMO SAILING DAY" was held on Jarun
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